03/01/11 - Belly Facts

01 Mar 2011 11:42 pm
All hail the TUMMY!!!

Rori, 01 Mar 2011 11:46 pm

March! MARCH! The year is going by fast...and I've made a lot of comics, which is pretty crazy when I think about it. And more so when I think about the 305 to go. ;)

Talk to the Robot!
AppleJuicy, 02 Mar 2011 12:02 am

You, madam, are a comic genius.

Please continue with the amazingness.

piconano, 02 Mar 2011 09:41 am

Now this makes me feel better about my belly :P

D@R0$!E (Guest), 02 Mar 2011 01:50 pm

I agree with AppleJuicy completely. You are a comic GENIUS. And I just have to let you know that about 99.99% of your comics relate to my life. "TUM! TUM! TUM TUM TUM TUM TUM TUM TUM! TUM". :D

Vampire-Knight10, 18 Mar 2011 01:07 am

i do 1 and 3 all the time :D

Dreamless, 12 Apr 2011 09:32 pm

It's true =u=
The first three things I do everyday~
I even named my stomach~ It's Travis~ (As sad as that all is...)

Rori, 12 Apr 2011 10:26 pm

Sad? That is awesome!

Crazygirl132, 04 Dec 2011 06:34 am

As stated earlier: YOU. ARE. AWESOME.

Durvin, 23 Mar 2012 06:04 am

I'm glad I'm not the only person that considers "being weird" a use for something.

screenbunnie, 26 May 2012 02:38 am

Haha!! I just love you. Knowing I'm not the only one who does this makes me happy :3 p.s. bellytalk is the best.

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