04/09/11 - Hot House

10 Apr 2011 04:32 am
St. Louis, you ass!

Rori, 10 Apr 2011 04:36 am

It's hot here. My air conditioner isn't ready to be turned on yet. I'm in the basement now, thank goodness for wireless.

Number 99!!!

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reverendjack, 10 Apr 2011 04:45 am

yeah, it was a bit warm here too (philly). 'they' say it's going to be a really hot summer. damn they!

Rori, 10 Apr 2011 05:44 am

I know what that means!

Fuck this heat, I'm going to Canada. :)

Reigan, 10 Apr 2011 06:29 am

Today in Canada: 1C

Yay C:

The_Hankerchief, 10 Apr 2011 06:42 am

Cue the cake for tomorrow.

Shaz, 10 Apr 2011 07:55 am

I live in Louisiana. Postponing the AC is JUST NOT DONE here.

Hell, the only months where the AC is never used are typically January and February. Any other month may very well have a warm spell that requires the AC for a day or three.

Oh, and I hate any temperature over about 75F. Can I move to Canada, too?

DarSasu, 10 Apr 2011 12:56 pm

I think we Canadians can except a few more people XD
and I know what you mean by the heat =3= First day of High School, there was a monster heat wave. The Science room was an oven.

Viiraru, 10 Apr 2011 02:18 pm

It's rainy and windy here. o3o A bit chilly but nice. <3 At least it isn't freezing.

Kanemehime, 10 Apr 2011 03:56 pm

It is rainy and wet and nasty here. Makes it insanely cold and dreary. I'd kill for the heat you're having right now >_>" I miss the sun.

Gibson Twist, 10 Apr 2011 07:10 pm

I think everyone can agree...we all hate weather.

minisyntax73, 12 Apr 2011 12:15 am

Yeah. Remember couple weeks ago when it was near freezing?! 8D Yay St. Louis. |D

glikeuwannab, 12 Apr 2011 12:16 am

That's hot.

London-Smyth, 12 Apr 2011 04:35 am

Turn around

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