06/28/11 - Further Complications

28 Jun 2011 11:00 pm
I told you...

Rori, 28 Jun 2011 03:43 am

She's a dick.

Talk to the Robot!
neofam, 28 Jun 2011 11:07 pm

I just adopted a cat who always does that lol

Shade (Guest), 29 Jun 2011 05:57 am

And the passive-aggressive conflict continues.

RO3 Kelly (Guest), 29 Jun 2011 12:30 pm

She'll be back in 5 minutes. Then gone in 5, then back in 5, then gone in 5...

Shaz, 29 Jun 2011 12:45 pm

They're so weird that way, aren't they?
I love you I love you Iloveyouloveyoulove OKAY I'M DONE NOW, LEAVE ME ALONE!

Tracy Smith (Guest), 29 Jun 2011 06:39 pm

Operative word: CAT

NtKGar, 01 Jul 2011 08:46 pm

Get a Nerf gun with the whistling darts, you can get your cat to run into walls and stuff!

Plume, 05 Jul 2011 03:10 am

LOL, I loved this one. Too true.

akagenki, 18 Jan 2013 07:33 pm

She's a cat.

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