08/28/11 - Square Egg

29 Aug 2011 04:45 am
The 1970s were a strange time...

Rori, 29 Aug 2011 04:44 am

I will post a picture of it if I find it. Though I'm pretty sure what I had was called "Square Egg". I guess that means square egging was so popular that the market could bear two companies producing it (or someone thought it could).

Damn, that's weird.

Talk to the Robot!
meerodi, 29 Aug 2011 04:52 am

I really want to eat a square egg now o-o

tezzle, 29 Aug 2011 04:56 am

Google's product description of the "Chickenborg Egg Cuber" is nothing short of ridiculous.

amiko_16, 29 Aug 2011 05:02 am

hahaha I'm not surprised, either.

I think I kinda want one *A*

Rori, 29 Aug 2011 05:03 am

Holy shit! I can't believe they still make those. "won't roll off your plate"...is this a wide-spread egg-issue? Are people passing on eggs because they roll off the plate? Do people not realize you can cut them in half? So many, many questions.

The_Hankerchief, 29 Aug 2011 05:42 am

Thus bears the question: Which came first, the egg or the square?

FieryAnimated, 29 Aug 2011 06:13 am

wth....Why would you......When would you......Really an egg cuber? I got nothing

KaiKudo, 29 Aug 2011 09:39 am

google solves everything :D
i google it and it was freaking beautiful ಠ_ಠ

Gibson Twist, 29 Aug 2011 01:23 pm

This is all so horrifying. That's it, I'm going to start marketing my Velcro Wall Babysitting Unit.

Jackie (Guest), 29 Aug 2011 09:38 pm

Ooh, velcro wall babysitting unit with memory foam padding, just to make sure they dont hurt their heads. And a bungee cord to attach to the ceiling so if they manage to push themselves off they don't fall, just bounce back to the wall.

darkamnios, 30 Aug 2011 11:51 am

hey!!! I posted that! <3

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