10/05/11 - Morning, Kitty

06 Oct 2011 04:47 am
This strip brought to you by lack of sleep.

Rori, 06 Oct 2011 04:45 am

Morning routine.

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Chris (Guest), 06 Oct 2011 05:18 am

Such a sweet pet name....mine is usually "little shit" or "fuzz butt."

shalahoyden, 06 Oct 2011 05:40 am

I've been calling mine "asshat" lately

Kari (Guest), 06 Oct 2011 06:07 am

Haha, Chris. My kitty is usually "Fuzz Butt" too.

William (Guest), 06 Oct 2011 06:25 am

I've been calling my half-Manx tabby Bunny Butt for years.

kribbit, 06 Oct 2011 02:02 pm

We tend to call ours an "ugly freak of nature" or "fat potato that no one loves"...we're so nice. xD

nimitz-the-treecat, 07 Oct 2011 01:57 am

I call my dogs "Crack-addict and Crack-head"

JoDawn, 07 Oct 2011 04:50 am

I call my kitty Neuters...

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