10/15/11 - Worst Seat in the House

October 15th, 2011, 11:35 pm
That's a LOT of fish.

Rori, October 15th, 2011, 11:32 pm

I had to get a recap after we left. Also, we left JUST in time, as we watched around 10,000 kids with glitter all over them descend on the diner while in the parking lot. Wash that shit off. And turn off Glee!


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shalahoyden, October 16th, 2011, 12:27 am

Glitter? Oh those poor diner workers are going to have a hell of a time for the next 20 years trying to get that crap up.

reverendjack, October 16th, 2011, 1:14 am

i take it Gibson is like me - i try to get the best view of the diner crowd that i can. i've gone to enough of them for long enough to know that sometimes you need to react as fast as possible, and that you should never let your guard down.

The_Hankerchief, October 16th, 2011, 2:53 am

@reverendjack: I think most guys are like that. Gotta know our environment! You never know when an irate customer is going to hurl their coffee at the manager!

Glitter? As in, stripper glitter, or "Little Lizzy played a fairy in the school play" type of glitter?

Gibson Twist, October 16th, 2011, 9:10 am

@reverendjack: @The_Hankerchief: I usually let her pick her seat first. I'm all chivalrous and crap. Don't tell anyone, though.

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