10/30/11 - Commissioner Von Vicious

31 Oct 2011 04:45 am
I am the Angel of Thursday!

Rori, 31 Oct 2011 04:35 am

Why I haven't used it before--I do not know.

At this point I could supply myself and my friends several years of costumes with my massive, um, *eclectic* wardrobe.

Happy Halloween!

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darkamnios, 31 Oct 2011 05:05 pm

Happy Halloween!

rosegirl21, 01 Nov 2011 02:31 am

YES! Happy Halloween!

The_Hankerchief, 01 Nov 2011 04:49 am

That's what I did. All I had to bu for my costume was an eye patch. (I went as a bandit)

Happy Halloween!

icewinds, 01 Nov 2011 06:57 am

I found my glow in the dark exclamation point shirt and went to work dressed as forced excitement.

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