12/05/11 - Cat Scratch Fever

06 Dec 2011 05:35 am
Happily, husband did not contract cat scratch fever, or motor city madness.

Rori, 06 Dec 2011 05:32 am

That was the most energetic, wild cat I've ever personally seen.

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shalahoyden, 06 Dec 2011 06:42 am

Heh, kitty is like Secret Bitch :)

The_Hankerchief, 06 Dec 2011 11:05 am

Heh. Ted Nugent reference. Heh.

Peach (Guest), 06 Dec 2011 03:01 pm

You should get him and name him Logan. *snkt*

Rori, 07 Dec 2011 03:58 am

@shalahoyden You were the 2000th comment! I didn't even realize I was getting up there until after it happened :) I'll have to give you a sketch or something!

shalahoyden, 07 Dec 2011 04:28 am

Seriously? Wow! I'm all special and stuff :) Cool!

Guest, 02 Feb 2013 04:30 am

Looks (and acts) like my furbaby!

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